BluSeal: Your Next-Generation Splice Sealing Solution

BluSeal by Eurotech provides superior protection against water ingression and contaminants in splices and terminals and is a superior solution. Drip and dip applied, BluSeal penetrates between each wire strand and insulating jacket, and cures to a durable and flexible barrier. BluSeal’s unique low-viscosity automotive-grade formulation has robust moisture and chemical resistance over a wide range of temperatures.

BluSeal provides a permanent and effective seal, preventing corrosion failures over the life of the vehicle even on high wire count junctions.

Key Advantages to BluSeal:

  • A very low-viscosity liquid sealer that cures quickly to form a durable and semi-flexible barrier.
  • Comprised of a unique automotive-grade formulation.
  • Excellent bend characteristics over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Extremely resistant to moisture and chemical exposure.
  • Provide a permanent and effective sealed splice over the life of the wire harness.
  • Seals by penetrating between each wire strand and deep under the wire insulating jacket.
  • Works at the wire-strand level and can provide sealing on most splice.
  • Becomes a semi-flexible acrylic polymer (plastic).

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