Zorge High Tech Components

Eurotech is North America's Supplier of Zorge's Molded Products

Based in Holland, ZORGE’s core business is elastomer molded parts and it has been manufacturing these high quality components to customer specifications or over 60 years. ZORGE supplies products to customers located around the world. ZORGE is a part of the ZORGE-HOFFMANN Group with production facilities in Europe (the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary) and Asia (Taiwan and China).


ZORGE prides itself on their expertise in the fields of both production technology and materials science. ZORGE’s expertise focuses on the manufacture of precision components from rubber compounds, and injection-molded parts from liquid silicone rubber (LSR), thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) and thermoplastics.


  • Seals-gaskets
  • LSR molded parts
  • Micro bonded parts
  • Rubber molded parts
  • Rubber-plastic
  • Rubber-metal
  • Cut parts
  • Shims
Eurotech is proud to supply ZORGE’s products throughout all North America. To learn more about Zorge click here.
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